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The CellReset program begins with the “white-week”. During the first week, we consume lots of proteins, water and supplements to keep us full and purify our organism.

28 days program

Week One – “white week”
Remember, you have to eat 4 meals a day. Don’t skip any of them.
Right when you wake up, drink 300ml of cold herbal tea Herbaslim with 1 packet of Aktivize Oxyplus and 3 capsules of ProShape Amino

10-15 minutes later, eat 2 eggs boiled or scrambled eggs.

Make sure not to add any salt!

Between breakfast and lunch drink Basic with glass of water.

Noon /afternoon, evening:

Remember-  drink glass of herbaslim Tea with activize before breakfast and lunch and afternoon meal.

    150g of chicken/turkey/tofu (without salt, boiled, baked, roasted, no salt)
    200g of fish (without salt, boiled, baked, roasted, no salt)

Please keep in mind, you can choose whatever protein you like for lunch, dinner but remember to only eat 2 eggs max a day.

After each meal, drink water with 1 packet of Restorate.

Take once again 3 capsules of ProShape Amino at noon.

Second, third and fourth weeks are called the “green weeks”, where you are allowed to add greens to your meals.
Start the day with Herbalism tea with 1 packet of Activize Oxyplus and 3 ProShare Amino capsules.
After 15 minutes, eat 1 egg and ½ cup of probiotic yogurt. Feel free to add some flexseeds.

Noon, afternoon, evening

Remember-  drink glass of herbaslim Tea with activize before breakfast and lunch and afternoon meal.

150 g of chicken/ turkey/fish/tofu/seafood

Additionally add about 150g of fresh greens.  You can make your own dressing using lime juice, avocado, dill, cilantro, jalapeno and ½ cup of plain yogurt.

Don’t forget to take 3 capsules of ProShape Amino at noon.

During the program, drink lots of water!

The use and implementation of the cellRESET nutrition program associated with cellRESET treatment (Phase 1 to 3) is at your own risk. We recommend a consultation with your General Practitioner, this in particular with existing medical condition. Individual results may vary. All liability is excluded.

How to keep my weight after the program?

Remember to read the food labels and stay away from sugar and salt !!!

Always prep your food in advance and buy fresh produce and organic meat.

Eat green vegetables daily and try to reduce the amount of fruit consumption to once a day.

Once you complete the program, try to:
Have a “white day” every week
Try to stay away from processed food !
Drink water after each meal not during the meal

Enjoy your life! Don’t apply too many limitations. Use your common sense.
Take Aktivize Oxyplus, Basic, Restorate and ProShape Amino every day. Take care of yourself.

Don’t consume more calories than you can burn in a day.
The negative impact on your organism cause:

   – Too much salt
   – Sugar and sweets
   – Quick carbohydrates (white bread, rice, maize corn, chocolate, desserts, ice-cream etc.)
   – Too much fruit (fructose is good but not in big quantities)
   – Alcohol

 How the Pregnenolon supports growth?

Pregnenolon is a powerful, natural hormone, which is directly synthesized from cholesterol in the mitochondria, “power stations” included in all human cells. Pregnenolon is produced in the organism and converted to other important hormones, such as dehydroepiandrosteron (DHEA), estrogens, progesterone and testosterone.
The process of getting old causes a serious reduction of the production of pregnenolon and hormones, which are its precursors. Progesterone, for example is synthesized in the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves from its direct precursor, pregnenolon. Recent research indicates that progesterone performs an important role in supporting vitality of nervous cells and creating the myelin sheath, “isolating” the level of fat, which allows the electrochemical signals to carry impulses from one nerve to another one.

The recent clinical reports summed up the potential implications of increased progesterone: synthesis of progesterone in the brain, neuro-protective and beam-lining influence of that neurosteroid offers interesting, therapeutic possibilities of preventing and healing illnesses of the degeneration of the nervous system as well as acceleration of the regenerating processes and maintaining cognitive functions during the process of aging.