What’s the difference between a diet and CellRESET?

In many weight loss diets calories are reduced. No matter what kind of diet (eating the half, shakes, etc.) it is, the longer the calories are reduced, the more the metabolism goes down. For example: You have a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) of 2000 calories and start diet for 4 weeks at 1200 calories a day. The BMR lowers to an assumed 1800 calories. When you starts eating again at 2000 calories a day, you will gain the weight back. If you are going to diet again, the metabolism would only get worse and worse.

During CellRESET, we also eat fewer calories, but due to the specific application, in most cases the metabolism increases and the biological age goes back!

How much weight can I lose?

In the first 28 days, an average loss is beetwen  6 to 15 lbs. What’s also interesting is the development of musculature. 99% report that their whole body feels tighter, and the muscle to fat ratio often improves, optimizing the physique.

Can I repeat phase 1 several times?

Yes. Once you’ve finished phase one, take a 30 days stabilization, and then you can start the next round again.

When can I see/feel the first results?

Usually after a few days. The biggest weight loss happens in the first week, though. Through purification of our bodies, usually a lot of water and waste products are being released.

How about the biological age?

You can watch it with the help of modern scales (Tanita, etc.), with which the biological metabolic age can be measured. Our users report a very encouraging reduction of biological age, on average 7-12 years in phase 1..

Do I need special food?

Yes. The food must be untreated. Organic, unprocessed foods only. We also want to avoid the wrong sugar, salt, and preservatives. The body needs a chance for a RESET. You can find all of the food in almost every supermarket- meat, fish, tofu, etc. Keep it unseasoned. Vegetables can also be frozen

What if I’m hungry?

No problem. You can eat 5 times a day! However, this is very rare. The biggest “problem” for many users is exactly the opposite. The recommended servings feel too large! By following CellRESET you should never be hungry..

Can my whole family do the program?

Since it’s primarily concerned about the right sugars, fats, healthy food in general, and a good way of life, it can surely be used for the whole family. Overweight children often suffer from poor nutrition (e.g. sugar addiction) and lack of exercise, and CellRESET can help them get healthier.

Do I have a YOYO effect?

That’s easy to answer. If you eat more calories than you can burn, then you will gain weight. Though due to the positive lifestyle change with CellRESET, 99% of all users report that they don’t gain weight back. Base for a better metabolism can be achieved in 4 months- after completing phases 1 and 2.

What to do with diabetes, high blood pressure or kidney problems?

We recommend the support and advice of a doctor during the CellRESET program. If you suffer from kidney disease, please consult a doctor. Experience shows that due to the healthy diet, often a significant improvement can be observed in cases of diabetes and hypertension.please consult in any case a doctor.

Can I do exercises during the first 7 days?

Avoid exhausting exercises during the first week. A simple walk is recommended. Your body needs its energy for readjustment. It’s recommended to start your workouts from 2nd week, when a lot of people report a great energy increase.

Why don’t increase triglyceride levels in the white weeks?

Triglycerides (neutral fats) are among the dietary fats, just like cholesterol. About 90% of the fat you eat (e.g. butter, oil, margarine, milk, meat, sausage, eggs, or nuts) consists of triglycerides. They are transported by chylomicrons to muscle and adipose tissue.

Triglycerides deliver more than twice as much energy per gram than carbohydrates and proteins.They are stored in adipose tissue and are used as an energy reserve that the body can use if necessary. Since no sugar and almost no other carbohydrates are supplied during the protein week, the body has to use triglycerides to produce energy. Our body is also capable of producing glucose out of triglycerides, which we need to feed our brain. Supplemented nutrients are taken in a highly concentrated form which contains very little sugars.

How do I live after the programme?

Experience clearly shows that our users develop a very healthy sense of taste, meaning that excessive desire for sugar and salt has disappeared in most cases. We recommend a balanced diet with natural foods.

Why no shakes?

Shakes often contain unnecessary sugar. We’re trying to avoid that. A big reason for the weight loss is the fact that our body turns from a sugar-burner to a fat-burner. At the same time we want to influence the metabolism of insulin positively via a healthy nutrition.

After the 28 days, shakes can be used on green days. Pay attention to the glycemic index though.

Why dietary supplements?

Even though the traditional dietary recommendation of multiple servings of fruits, vegetables, and grains a day might exclude the need for supplements, it also provides us with way too much unhealthy sugars.

Dietary supplement is not a diet by itself. It’s purpose is to close the gaps that we create every day due to the fact that we just can’t get all the required nutrients from the foods we eat every day. If you can keep giving the cells in your body everything they need to produce energy, your overall health would improve on a long-term basis.

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