The programme is divided into three phases:

During these first 28 days the nutritional recommendations should be followed as closely as possible, because in this time the optimal self-regulation of the body should be restored.

To ensure long-term success the aim for the following three months will be to accustom the body to the balanced state and to integrate the nutritional recommendations flexible into your usual daily cuisine. Thereby a natural feeling for food products and ingredients should automatically develop.

Natural balance-/Lifestyle-phase:
After four months the process will be completed and a sustainable healthy diet should have become a habit. Repetition of the first phase is possible at any time (especially if the aim is weight reduction) and is recommended every one to two years.

A detailed description, how the phases are built up, is included in the instruction, which is available for members of the Community-platform.

[During the first phase the body will be detoxified and the natural circuits/processes promoted.]

The food pyramid

The “feelgood pyramid” forms the basis for a balanced, healthy lifestyle. The higher a food product is placed in the pyramid, the smaller its proportion should be in daily nutrition. This illustration will provide guidance starting with the second phase, but it is not complete and can be used flexible.

Differences to a classic diet

One of the features, which is most important for most people, is the by many of our users reported weight loss. Among other healthy aspekts, weight loss is often the first access to the program.

A trouble-free working body can provide better performance and therefore uses more energy sources. Due to the reduction of carbohydrates and the adequate supply with protein, amino acids and fatty acids the body automatically starts to use the fat reserves. Optimal supply with vital substances and water does not only promote energy production, but also ensures the excretion of waste products. The body can thereby use its full potential and prevent the Jo-Jo-effect.