The Federal Ministry for Environment writes:
The human health is strongly connected to environmental impacts. Clean air, clean drinking water, intact nature – these are all requirements for a healthy life. Environmental problems therefore are health problems. More than one quarter of the people in Germany believes, that environmental problems affects their health strongly. This was the result of a study for environmental awarness conducted by the Federal Environmental Agency in 2012. […]

How certain environmental factors specifically affect health and how big their danger is exactly, is almost impossible due to methodical reasons. That is because numerous different factors affect health. Next to environmental factors, these also include individual lifestyle and nutrition. Also the individual environmental factors are hardly separated. They differ from person to person , for instance where one person spends most of his time – outdoors, in rooms or in vehicles. […]

To evaluate dangers for health for bigger groups, the so-called burden of disease is calculated. Among other values, for the burden of disease it is calculated how many years of life the population loses due to a specific impairment. Data about pollution, contamination of the water, soil and air, as well as the incidence of certain diseases is all taken into account for these calculations.

Such statistics underline that certain environmental issues have enormous effects. Air pollution alone causes 7 million premature deaths worldwide every year, according to a study of the World Health Organisation in 2014. The Federal Environmental Agency has calculated, that an average of 47.000 deaths in Germany are related to fine dust pollution every year. […]

The health report of the Federal Government includes environmental impacts to the most important influencing factors for health and life expectancy of the Germans, next to social situation and individual lifestyle. With one quarter a substantial part of the population feels affected, yet up to 10 percent of health-related issues in Northern and Western Europe are related to the environment according to an estimated by the World Health Organisation (WHO). […]

Bundesministerium für Umwelt, CC BY-SA 4.0

The negative environmental impacts, which have increased over the last decades, affect our supply and cellsupply_enchallenge our endogenous detox-system. Health issues are often the result.

As we cannot directly influence the underlying problem, it is especially important to supply our body with all vital substances he needs to eliminate waste and toxic substances from our organism.

Also additional burden to our body due to allergies and intolerances can be affected by our nutrition.

More information, how you can cope with increasing requirements due to appropriate nutrition, you can find on the community-platform.