Karina Klim Cell RESET
My name is Karina Klim.  After I got married I starting putting weight on,  I was desperate, I never been fat. I went from 105lb to 125lbs in less than a year.  I tried many diets and cleanser and exercise, nothing worked.  I went to the doctor and he mentioned I had a hormone imbalance, he suggested I could take medications to balance my hormones, but I refused. I don’t like taking medication.  A few months later my aunt came to visit us, the last time I saw her was the day of my wedding, I could not believe my eyes, she was a different person, she looked amazing, she looked younger, skinnier, energetic and happy.  When we talked about her drastic changed she told me how she did cellRESET, a detox that changed her life.
I started the program a week later and lost 15lbs in 28 days.  Not only did I lost the weight but I felt so much energy, my hair, nails and skin looked much better.  I can’t thank cellRESET enough for the wonderful products.  I’ve been taking the products for 2 year and don’t go a day without this fantastic supplements.