Hi! My name is Marzena. As many of you can relate, my busy life consists of juggling many responsibilities as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, caretaker, co-worker and a friend just to name a few. Lack of energy, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, moodiness and a sense of hopelessness were my constant companions and became so familiar to me that they felt like a natural state of being. I almost forgot how healthy, happy and fit feels like. That of course was until I was introduced to cellRESET products. After completing a 28 day detox program the sun started shining in my life again. I felt energized, motivated, happy, hopeful and ready to conquer the world. I was so taken by the effect the products had on my body that I decided to join cellRESET team to be able to share some sunshine with others. I want to thank my dear friend Michalina for introducing me to cellRESET products.