Everyone wants to be healthy, lean and powerful. But how does it look in practice?

This situation resulted in the cellRESET concept, based on the dogma of the prime father of scientific medicine: „Let the food be thy medicine and the medicine be thy food.“ (Hippokrates of Kos, 460 – 370 BC)

cellRESET is a easy and useful, metabolism activating diet optimisation based on vibrant and natural food. Bringing your body into balance naturally is the aim of cellRESET.

Some of the most important motives from our over 85.000 users to complete cellRESET:

  • To live healthier and fitter
  • Feel more energetic and well-being
  • Lose weight and stay lean
  • Sleep and regenerate better
  • Detox and boost the metabolism
  • Reduce the biological age
  • More effective immune system
  • Better performance in sport

cellRESET gives you multiple useful advice on how to promote and stabilize your health, which are easily integrated in your everyday life.

ur throwaway society has unfortunately adapted to the thought, that everything can be replaced easily. However we will spend our entire life in our body. As we cannot just replace our body, we should not also care for it from the outside, but also supply it as good as possible. That will give our body the possibility, to clean itself from the inside.

Warning: cellRESET does not replace a examination by a licensed physician. Information of the cellRESET concept must not be used to for self-diagnosis. Results of other users are also not transferable and were accomplished, due to healthy nutrition and physical activity.

Overview about cellRESET:

  • Eat four times a day and no sports during the first week.
  • cellRESET enables a easy, fast change of diet for a healthy, fit and powerful life.
  • The foundation of a healthy body is fresh, natural food products and physical activity.
  • For the fast and smooth cellRESET we recommend vital substances with high bioavailability.
  • cellRESET wants to be uncomplicated, easy to use, sustainable and effective.
  • Numerous successful applications are documented in 3000 reports and {0} pictures.
  • Tasty and useful recipes for every taste Recipes
  • A active community with seminars, meetings, etc.

A healthy lifestyle can affect many factors positively:

  • The metabolic age
  • Liver function
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Energy and vitality
  • Regeneration
  • Hormonal balance
  • Water balance
  • Insulin-based metabolism
  • Sugar dependence

Our body has to function reliably 24 hours daily and needs air, water, nutrients and vital substances to accomplish this. The transition to healthy nutrition (or e.g. a calory-deficient diet) often fails already after some days, because many people feel unbalanced, aggressive, dull and hungry (e.g. due to sugar dependence).

Cell Reset Defect Cell
Defected Cells

The central approach – through which cellRESET distinguishes itself from other nutrition- and metabolism-programs – is the aim, to eliminate the existing insulin resistance, which is a result of carbohydrate-rich diet. Due to the increased nutrient and oxygen absorption in around all 70 billion cells, the mitochondria (“power plants of the cell”) are able to produce energy effectively.

This is further supported through the recommended protein-rich diet (four times a day) and the aim, to supply the body optimally with vital substances and water. As a result the efficient removal of waste and toxic products is possible, which can often be seen in better liver and kidney function. Improved cholesterol levels on the other hand will affect the hormonal balance positively.

Cell Reset Normal
Normal Cells

A pleasing “side-effect” is often the significant weight loss and hereby the circumference-reduction of stomach, buttocks and legs, as numerous users have enthusiastically reported. Furthermore users regularly report a constant pleasant feeling of satiety, as well as more energy and performance. A “rejuvenation” is not only optically seen, but even measurable with special scales.

The program consists out of three phases and can be used by everyone: Elderly and young, obese and slim, sick and healthy, athletes and smokers, allergic persons and diabetics, vegans and many more … Simply everyone, who wants to be healthier, slimmer and increasingly powerful.