Bogusia Szwab

Bogusia Szwab

My name is Bogusia, I love Cell Reset program. It was a very hard for me to lose the last couple pounds, I tried many diets, was going to the gym 6 times a week and still was struggling to lose the weight. Until I saw my friend who just finished her Cell Reset program […]


Hi! My name is Marzena. As many of you can relate, my busy life consists of juggling many responsibilities as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, caretaker, co-worker and a friend just to name a few. Lack of energy, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, moodiness and a sense of hopelessness were my constant...

Beata Wolczynski

My name is Beata Wolczynski and I have a great story to tell you. My husband and I met 12 years ago and all we did was travel and eat out at restaurants. I’ve tried many different lifestyle changes but nothing has worked until I’ve tried cellRESET. We have finally achieved all of our goals […]...
Tanya Konet cellRESET

Tanya Konet

Ok about my mom testimony. My mom started cellRESET program and lost 30 lbs. Also she got her health back. No more heart problem, no joint pains clear head more concentration and lots of energy. That was the best decision she’s ever made and experienced the amazing changes in her life. After seei...
Edyta-Nabozny cellRESET

Edyta Nabozny

My adventure with cellRESET started accidentally. Before I began to use the products I was obese, in a big pain after the spine and neck surgery, supplements quickly deteriorated my condition, I had more energy less kilograms, zero pain my life changed a lot. It’s been almost 3 years since I used...

Nalani Francis

My name is Nalani Francis and I am overly excited to share my story for cellRESET has brought changes to my life like no other. It is definitely a fact that practice makes perfect because after years of battling obesity, I had mastered the art of pretense. I seemed healthy and happy but depressio...
Tanya-Konet cellRESET

Sylwia Lisiecki

I have been with the cellRESET family since December 2014. When I first joined I was very skeptical of the program and was not active for a few months. One day, I decided to order activize. Trying it was a very eye opening experience for me. I gained more energy and my sugar cravings stopped. […]...
Karina Klim Cell RESET

Karina Klim

My name is Karina Klim.  After I got married I starting putting weight on,  I was desperate, I never been fat. I went from 105lb to 125lbs in less than a year.  I tried many diets and cleanser and exercise, nothing worked.  I went to the doctor and he mentioned I had a hormone imbalance, […]...
Iwona cellRESET


Hi, my name is Iwona. I was introduced to the cellRESET products about a year ago by my friend Anna. Since my background is Physical Education and Health that was something around my alley. I noticed how my friend was excited and happy after using the supplements that I wanted to give it a try. [...

Michalina Krol

My name is Michalina Krol . I am a hard working massage therapist that needs a constant supply of energy and good sleep. Two and a half years ago a friend of mine intruded me to cellRESET and told me that my life is going to change.   I really thought she was joking at […]